Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Equipment Adoration or Camera Porn

Most photographers - and other artists and workers who use tools - are often quite proud of their equipment. Indeed although some photogs eschew a particular camera or type of camera, you also get many that form an attachment to this same equipment. And when you're proud of something and you're a photographer, well Hell, ya take pictures of it.
In reality, what we're talking about is product photography, where the treasured camera/lens is portrayed lovingly and tastefully.

In my case, the cameras I've been blissfully happy with for ages now are a pair of Sony NEX 7 bodies that I just love to pair up with some nice Voigtländer rangefinder lenses.

These tiny 24MP APC-sized sensor bodies are light, solid, and although hindered by Sony's astonishingly bad menu design, they have remarkable capability.

My favorite trio of Voigtländer lenses includes the 12mm f5.6 Aspherical Ultra Wide-Heliar that gives me a 35EQ FOV of 18mm... still nice and wide.

The 28mm f2 Ultron is equivalent to 42mm in 35mm camera terms. A good middle range normal lens.

At the high end of the rangefinder lenses, I have the 90mm f3.5 APO-Lanthar for a 35EQ view of 135mm.

You may note that I use electrical tape to cover camera product names and logos so there's little to draw the eye. Upon purchase, I immediately applied Invisible Shield to the LCDs and then electrical tape to also cover the top surface and all controls. I do this as I often wear both bodies one-above-the-other and this preclude any scratches from a whack or a graze from the Kirk QR plates. The flash shoe is simply taped over as I never use flash (although tape over the internal pop-up flash is cut to allow operation).

(Images 2 and 3 from NEX 7 / Sony 50mm f1.8, all others from Lumix LX5 / Leica f2)

Well, this was a gratifying rainy day project. I was happy, the Bear was happy. You be happy!